PowerVR Graphics SDK v3.5 is live!

New features include;

ASTC compression

Android Extension Pack (AEP) OpenGL ES 3.1 extensions

New counters for Rogue including GPU clock speed, system memory read/write and more shader engine stats (e.g. register overload & slot occupancy)
Simplified connection to Android devices over USB
Counters are now displayed in a tree view to simplify navigation

New, simplified renderstate inspector widget
New object (texture, shader program etc.) inspector
New data viewer
Render target colour, depth and stencil attachments can be inspected per-draw call

OpenCL Rogue disassembly compilers

Improved 64-bit support
Removed the SuperSU requirement to start/stop OpenGL ES recording
Enhanced configuration file. Now supports per-application settings

The Tools and SDK can be downloaded through our Windows, OS X and Linux x86 installers.

Our SDK source code is also hosted on GitHub, making it easy to reap and build the source on development boards (like the Creator CI20) or share your contributions with us!

Native (C++) SDK on GitHub
WebGL SDK on GitHub
PVRMonitor (on-device profiler for Android) on GitHub

For more information, you can find our blog post announcement here and the full release notes here.