PowerVR SDK 2017R2 Offline Installer missing Win32/64 .lib & .dll


the PowerVR SDK 2017R2 Offline Installer does not contain the Win32/Win64 .dll and .lib under


The x86_32 and x86_64 folders contain only PVRScope[Complete|Developer].lib

For all other operating systems (e.g. linux) the shared .so libraries are correctly installed for all march variants.

md5sum PowerVRSDKSetup-2017_R2.exe
c5279c83f1c3fe7003f2904f8d2181f7 *PowerVRSDKSetup-2017_R2.exe

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Hi Vasco,

We changed how we build and pack our SDKs to remove dependencies and the PVRVFrame libraries are not include in the SDK package anymore. PVRScope libraries are built at the same time than the SDK so that is the reason they show up. You can get the missing libraries installing PVRVFrame. I understand this is a bit of inconvenience.



Hi Carlos,

sorry if I missed that.

And yes, I already took the missing files from PVRVFrame.

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