PowerVR TI DM3730 CPU library compilation for WEC2013

To imagination team

We are working to move Windows CE 6.0 PowerVR library source code for TI DM3730 to be compiled for n WEC2013 .

We have some questions about the library compiling.

1.The package contains three main folders: “eurasia”, “eurasia_orig” (an older release?) and “eurasia_delta”, which
apparently contains files added or different between the other two. Which folder is to be used?

  1. Is any one of these releases suitable to compile a PowerVR library for AM335x or DM3730 under WIndows Embedded
    Compact 2013? The platform-related files and folders apparently refer to OMAP4 only.

  2. The directory structure does not contain catalog files and the “sources” files present in some folders look like
    templates that need to be configured. Moreover there are many batch files for which the usage is not straightforward. We
    couldn’t find any documentation inside. Where in the WINCE800 tree is the “eurasia…” folder (or part of it?) meant to
    be placed? Can you please provide instructions for configuring and building?

Thank you for clarification.

Hi Claudio,

Our team (PowerVR Developer Technology) is responsible for application level developer support. Driver support is only available to DDK licencees.

As your questions are related to TI’s modified version of our reference driver, I would recommend contacting them for support. For question 1, I suspect “eurasia_orig” is the source from our reference driver and “eurasia_delta” are TI’s patches for it. Possibly, one of the scripts applies the patches to the original source. TI should be able to clarify this for you.



Microsoft distribute BSP for WEC2013 OMAP4 the support for PowerVR.(WINCE800\PLATFORM\TI_SDP44XX\PowerVR)

Can you please tell me if the OMAP3 and OMAP4 can use the same Power3, can we use the same OMAP4 library in OMAP3 to get PowerVR running in TI DM3730?
In case it is not like this, can you please tell what we have to modifiy in order to have PowerVR running in WEC2013 DM3730?

Thank you in advance for your review.

[blockquote]Can you please tell me if the OMAP3 and OMAP4 can use the same Power3[/blockquote]
Driver binaries are unlikely to be portable between OMAP3 and OMAP4. If you have access to the source code and would like to port the driver to WEC2013 on the OMAP4, you will need to contact TI for assistance.