PowerVR for WEC7 (wince7) performance issue.



We are working with TI’s OMAP processor DM3730 and WEC7
(WinCE7). We are using WEC7 BSP from TI.

The BSP contains PowerVR from Imagination technology version
“PowerVR version: TI:U7006”


We are facing performance issue with this, The frame rate
for an OpenGL application is 51fps where in it has be 71fps.

Similarly several OpenGL demo application from TI shows the
similar frame rate (less than benchmark form TI) for same RAM and clock speed.


How can be the performance of PoverVR be less ?

What are its dependencies (RAM and other clock speed remains
the same) ?


Is the version of powerVR that we are using for WEC7 latest
or an improved version is available ?


Please provide us help in this regard for that I shall
remain thankful to you.





Hi Misbah,

Sorry for the slow reply.

Differences in graphics performance on the same platform could be related to changes in the GPU driver, OS, compositor or an number of other possible software changes that may have occurred. You should contact TI for further advice.