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Problem with eglChooseConfig() some attribute


I use ES2 SDK in WinXP


when i use EGL_ALPHA_SIZE or EGL_R/G/B_SIZE when call eglChooseConfig()

(ex. EGL_ALPHA_SIZE, 8, EGL_RED_SIZE, 8 ...)


then 4th argument EGLint* num_config always set to 0


but eglGetError() return EGL_SUCCESS


and next eglCreateWindowSurface() failed (EGL_BAD_CONFIG) Cry


Same eglChooseConfig and eglCreateWindowSurface code work well in ES 1.1 SDK
k2cdda2008-04-16 07:38:15


Hi k2cdda, can you please go to the directory where you’ve got the application and modify the pcviewer.cfg file by uncommenting the SGX535 and commenting out the SGX530 profile? This might solve your problem.


thx Smile