eglChooseConfig Issue

For the past year I’ve been running OpenGL ES1.1 windows emulation v2.08.28.0634 without any issues. Recently after a few month in-activity, I’m now getting an error when chosen an EGL configuration (RGB - 8bits). I’m no longer able to run any of the demo-binaries, but other computers can execute the demos successfully.

Video Card: GeForce GTX 570
OS: Windows 7
Nvidia Driver: v296.10

I’m guessing the Nvidia driver is causing the issue, but an help would be appreciated.

I reverted my Nvidia display driver to v295.73, v285.62 and v280.26, and the demos continued to fail during eglChooseConfig. The call returns true, but the number of configurations reported is always zero.

I don’t understand why the demos stopped working with my graphics card. I put the required dlls in the demo’s executable directory, so this should work.

I was able to execute the demos successfully using VMware and Windows XP, so there is some hope.

Should I buy a new or different graphics card? Any help would be appreciated.


Hi clarkm2. That’s certainly a puzzling one. Did this arise after upgrading to the latest version of the SDK (2.10), or are you using the same version as before?

Do regular OpenGL applications (not using the emulation libraries) work? Have you tried doing a “clean” reinstall of the display drivers (i.e. completely un-installing and re-installing)?

Also check that you don’t have any rogue copies of the emulation libraries (EGL.dll and GLES_CM.dll) in any of your PATH directories such as system32, as the demos may be looking in those locations first and thus linking against the wrong versions of the libraries.