Problems Installing PowerVR SDK for Linux 64 on Linux Mint 15


I asked this in another related string, but thought that I should perhaps start a new string too.

I followed all of the instructions in previous and strongly related discussion string where a person’s problems had been solved and could not get the install to work.

When I try to run:

sudo sh ./

I get:

./ 1: ./ Syntax error: “(” unexpected

Please advise and thanks in advance,


Hi Twives.

Just to let you know, we’re looking in to this for you, to see if we can find the root cause, and a work around for you.

In the short term, are you able to install the 32-bit version?


PS. Glad you liked getting the Commenting badge and the welcome message :wink:


I think you are trying to execute the installer as a script instead of a binary. I usually just:

chmod +x

sudo ./

Notice that I do not use bash, sh or any other shell.



GuillemV, I had changed to executable, but I am newb enough to have not thought to run it without “sh” - it is installing now - thanks!

I spoke too soon - During install, I have the following problem. The Dialog box says:

Error Unable to download component PVRScope: Component file version does not match

Then it wants to exit the installation program. I think it may be a proxy issue, but I am not sure yet.


Have you had any luck downloading the package yet, or are you still hitting this error?



I ran sudo ./ and went through all the setup questions with the minimally suggested options, and I also set up the proxy for my company. On component 3 / 42 (42 - that’s funny - didn’t notice that before), it says: Unable to download component PVRScope: Component file version does not match. I am on Linux Mint 15 and I am up to date on updates.

Strange. Can you share the details of the selection you’ve made during installation, i.e. selected packages, target API & target OS?