pvr format

Could anyone point me please to pvr license policy ? Also, is pvr compression source code available ? under which license ?

Thank you in advance.

We don’t make our PVRTC compressor source code available, I’m afraid. Decompressor code can be found in the PVRTools section of the SDK in the PVRTDecompress.cpp file.

PVRTC is described in Simon Fenney’s white paper that is bundled in our SDKs.

As far as licencing is concerned, informally, I believe we don’t frown on writing software that uses PVRTC, but if you wish to incorporate it into hardware then that would be more of an issue. It might be easier if you inform us of what kind of project you wish to involve PVRTC and then we can check if that’s okay (here or through an email to devtech@imgtec.com).

There are some existing projects that have their own compression source code that are open, but I don’t know of any that are very sophisticated.