SGX 540 Usermode Binaries causing SEG Fault with kitkat on Blaze Platform

I am trying to port SGX to Kitkat on Blaze 4460 Platform.

I have SGX DDK 1.9@2166536 binaries built for Kitkat + 3.4.61 OMAP Kernel

I am getting SEG Fault with SGX usermode binaries.

kitkat logcat
V/IMGSRV ( 93): Succesfully loaded gfx modules
I/SurfaceFlinger( 98): SurfaceFlinger is starting
I/SurfaceFlinger( 98): SurfaceFlinger's main thread ready to run. Initializing graphics H/W...
D/libEGL ( 98): loaded /vendor/lib/egl/
D/libEGL ( 98): loaded /vendor/lib/egl/
D/libEGL ( 98): loaded /vendor/lib/egl/
F/libc ( 98): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x00000000 (code=1), thread 98 (surfaceflinger)
I/DEBUG ( 97): backtrace:
I/DEBUG ( 97): #00 pc 00000000
I/DEBUG ( 97): #01 pc 00000c98 /system/vendor/lib/

SGX Kernel Binary(pvrsrvkm_sgx540_120.ko) is loading without any issue.

Please help me in resolving this error.

SGX is working fine with JellyBean
i.e. no issues using SGX DDK 1.9@2166536 binaries built for JellyBean + 3.4.61 OMAP Kernel


From the information you’ve given, we can’t tell what has caused the segfault. I’d recommend discussing the issue with TI. They should be able to help you configure the graphics driver for the OMAP platform.