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PVRGeoPod, Maya, and Rigid Skins




Is it correct to say that the Maya 2010 PVRGeoPod plugin doesn’t support rigid skins? If I use soft binding the animation plays in PVRShaman correctly, but I get no animation using rigid bind.

Related question: I need to export a scene with simple animations (no bones, just transformations on the meshes, because the use of bones is slowing down my program too much). But I’d like to use bones to set up the poses in Maya, because it’s easier than transforming each mesh individually. In other words, use rigid bones to pose/animate everything in Maya, but export the animation to .pod without the bones, only with the resulting mesh transformations. Is that possible?


I believe that is correct.

I think you will need to find an operation in Maya that transforms your animations into normal mesh animation before exporting as an intermediate step. Sadly, I’m no Maya expert so I can’t really suggest how to do this, I’m afraid.