PVRGeoPOD "normalised" mode?

I’ve successfully exported a few meshes using the 3dsmax PVRGeoPOD exporter utility and gotten them to display on the device, thanks to the useful examples in the OpenGL ES 1.0 SDK… however I’ve only been successful displaying mesh position data as Float and and Fixed 16.16.

12 bytes per position is a little crazy for a mobile device… I’d like to use a 6 byte normalized format like 1.15 (15 bits + a sign bit) or 0.16. The exporter has an option for “short, normalised” but I can’t make sense of the data its exporting… there’s a position offset in the node but the scale is 1,1,1. And if I just scale the data by 1/1000 to see what I get and render it as GL_SHORT it looks like complete garbage.

Does anyone know how to get this to work, or is there any other way I can have 6 bytes per position and still maintain some semblance of accuracy?