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PVRShaderEditor 2.2 freezes



I have been using this tool for a while. Tonight however while optimizing one of my effects, as I toggled between the vertex and fragment shader via drop down in the cycles overview (bottom right)…the entire view disappeared. Now, even when relaunching the app, the stage remains blank except for the window controls, menu and editor buttons, but none of them are responsive.

Has anyone experienced this behavior?


Note: Just installed 3.3 and the new editor exhibits the same behavior out of the box.



It sounds like your PVRShaderEditor configuration file may have become corrupt. I’ve created an FAQ item that explains where the configuration can be found.

If you send us your current PVRShaderEditor.plist configuration file, we can take a look at it. If you would like to share the file confidentially, you can attach it to a support ticket.

Once you’ve backed up and shared your config with us, deleting it from the Imagination Technologies configuration file directory will cause PVRShaderEditor to generate a default .plist file. If the issue still occurs with the default .plist, please let us know.




Hi Joe,

Deleting the corrupted config did the trick. I also created a support ticket (with attachment) as requested.




Glad to hear that solved the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for submitting the ticket with your .plist file attached. I’ll pass it to the PVRShaderEditor lead engineer for investigation.