Where can I find the PowerVR Tools configuration files (e.g. PVRShaderEditor.plist)?

I’m seeing strange behaviour in the PowerVR Tools application I’m using (e.g. a widget is missing). Is there a configuration file for the application that I can modify to resolve the problem, or remove to revert the application to its default state?

Each PowerVR Tool (e.g. PVRShaderEditor) stores its state data in a unique .plist configuration file. The location of the configuration files varies between OSs:

    [b]Windows:[/b] %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Imagination Technologies/ [b]OS X:[/b] ~/.pvrconfig/Imagination Technologies/ [b]Linux:[/b] ~/.pvrconfig/Imagination Technologies/

If a PowerVR Tool shows strange behaviour (e.g. missing or incorrectly configured GUI widgets), the *.plist file may be corrupt. If this happens to you, we would recommend sending your broken .plist file to us for investigation, then remove it from the Imagination Technologies .plist location. When the application is closed and the file is removed from the default location, launching the PowerVR Tool again will cause a default .plist file to be generated. This rolls the application back to it’s default state, which should resolve any configuration issues you are experiencing.