Dear Team

some news from the usage,

the latest PVRSHAMAN provided with the latest sdk 3.2, is very instable on Linux Ubuntu, and crash quite a lot.

The refresh button for instance , dont refresh but close the application.

Any change in the editor or atribute in the material section is not notified as a change , so the save button is never on, a bit annoying isnt ?

Kind regards


Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear you’ve hit these problems. I’ve reported the refresh button issue as BRN46232 and the save button issue as BRN46233 in our bug tracker.

Is it possible for you to use another OS until these problems are resolved?



No worries, it s not blocking (and there is only 4 Linux user from the Poll :slight_smile: ) .


Glad to hear it’s not blocking :slight_smile:

Haha. Yeah. I’m sure there are a few more out there though!



Yes, i need to list all of them, it s a bit rush hour again here , but i will sent to you a list.the ble