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PVRShaman in work mode



Dear team

PVRShaman is quite stable to visualize models, but as soon as i start to play with pfx the crash happend to high frequency, even loading the sample compiling , reloading an another one and it will crash at 75% proba making it hard to use…


ps i am on UBUNTU 12.04


Hi David,

Sorry we haven’t gotten back to this sooner. I looked into the stability issues you’ve mentioned, but I couldn’t get it to crash no matter how hard I tried. Are you still having this issue? Could you provide me with some more details?

In particular could you tell me:

  • The version of Shaman you’re using (copy + paste from the feedback option under the help menu please)
  • Whether your OS is 64 or 32 bit, and whether you’re using 32 or 64-bit PVRShaman.
  • Which compiler do you have selected for compilation?
  • Are you using ES2 or ES3 shader code?




Hello Tobias ,

ok i will provide this information



Hello Tobias

PVRShaman 2.1.1 on linux Ubuntu 32 bit

ES2 shader code use with any of the sample avalaible using glslcompiler_sgx540

probably a ghost in the machine, it s just a report of this incorect behavior , it s minor anyway



the new version is crashing alot , i could provide a recording video to demonstrate this fact if you wish?



If you have a reproducible crash then feel free to email us the steps to reproduce it in either in text or video form.



yes i will prepare the video at the end of the day


the tool is saving my file as root aswell , that is not cool i want to be free to modify it with editpad if i want.





This is my fault, the installer, in error, creates .desktop files that include a call to GKSUDO. You can edit these files and safely remove it, the applications will work perfectly and files should be saved with the users permissions. The GKSUDO was left over when testing a change to the Qt framework.




Hello Bob ,

no worry !!! your tool is getting better and better !!!