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PVRShaman (latest iPhone SDK) doesn't run



Hi -

Downloaded the newest iPhone SDK and PVRShaman wont come up. I just get a Terminal error with the following:

FXApp::openDisplay: unable to open display :0.0


Any ideas?

Never actually tried the tool before. I’ve seen this with Unix tools before. In fact the MacOS version (about 7.4Mb) doesn’t look like a MacApp bundle. Finder says it’s a plain old Unix Executable.

Hope it’s not something stupid…Thanks in advance.

I’m running under 10.6.5 IOS SDK 4.1 Xcode 3.2.4



Ok - a little embarrassed…X11 wasn’t running. You might want to mention that in the User Manual. I couldn’t find it. So far looks good.


Actually, it’s us that should be embarrassed as the requirement for X11 under MacOS does appear to be missing from the documentation. Thanks for highlighting this issue and we’ll try to make sure this is more obvious in future.


:wink: Well then that makes me a feel a little better…Gracious as always.

While I have you on the line, I am about to step up to 4.2SDK. Are there any issues with your SDK against Apple’s latest?

Lastly, another shameful plug for more open source cool demos please! You have an excellent SDK, but the demo directory doesn’t grow much :wink: Maybe a new Developer section for user submitted demos and a contest etc… More fun…I would gladly contribute.

Thanks in advance…


There are no issues that I know of at this time, but you will need to follow the information here to get the projects to build:

If you encounter problems then do let us know and we’ll look into them.

We do have plans for additional demos and they should make an appearance in future releases of the SDK.

If you have demos then we would be very interested to hear about them. A developer section is a good idea, especially if we get further interest.