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PVRShaman on Mac(Leopard 10.5.8)



Can’t seem to get PVRShaman to work. I get:

   dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022

   Trace/BPT trap

any ideas?

thanks in advance,


last time I tried it on Mac, the shader compiler was missing from the SDK, so nothing could really work.


<span id=“userPro2347” =“showDropDown’userPro2347’, ‘proMenu2347’, 160, 0;” =“msgSidePro” title=“View Drop Down”>Sirm, Have you tried with PVRShaman from the new SDK release? Please let us know if you still have any problems with PVRShaman.

<span id=“userPro2394” =“showDropDown’userPro2394’, ‘proMenu2394’, 160, 0;” =“msgSidePro” title=“View Drop Down”>Kris, It is correct that there is currently no version of the PVRUniSCo compiler for Mac. However, this compiler is only used to provide additional data, such as the shader cycle counts. You can edit and render your shaders in PVRShaman without the compiler.



On further investigation it would appear there is a problem running some of the utilities on Mac OS X Leopard (10.5). They work fine on the current version Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6). We are looking into this problem.