PVRTesGUI Tool unable to open .pvr File



New instance of PVRTextToolGUI is unable to open an already compressed PVR texture.

My scenario :

1. I use the PVRTextToolGUI to Encode a Texture to PVRTC2 or PVRTC4 format.

2. I select the Output Tab and Save the Compressed file(Say a.pvr).

3. I Open a NEW instance of the PVRTextToolGUI.

4. I Open the already saved PVR File(a.pvr).


5. I get an Error saying :

    File Open Failed:

    An error ocured in the pixel format decoder.


Can somebody help me with this Please?

I require the PVRTextToolGUI to open .pvr file

I can’t reproduce this bug here - which OS are you using and exactly which SDK build version of PVRTexTool (it says under Help->About…)?

Is it possible for you to send an example .pvr file that won’t open to devtech@imgtec.com?