PVRTexTool error


I’ve been using the tool fine until this error randomly pops up.

Any ideas? I tried reinstalling the program, repairing it, restarted the notebook, no avail.

Another screenshot, this is before the error, I press the encode texture button and the error dialog appears.

Hi Chillyguess,

This usually crops up due to a corrupted registry - the only solution is to do simple manual edit (It looks like you're using windows, right?)

If you launch regedit (type 'regedit' into the start menu if you're using Win7/Vista) and navigate to 'HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareImagination TechnologiesPVRTexTool v3.20' and delete the "program" folder that you see there. This will reset your PVRTexTool settings and you should be able to launch properly from then on.

I'm in the process of creating a workaround for this occasional problem, which should be in a future release. If, before you delete the program folder, you could take a screen shot of the contents and send it to devtech@imgtec.com it would be most appreciated and should help me figure out what's gone wrong.



Thanks so much! I’ll send u the zip of my installed folder.