PVRTexTool command line no longer available?

I’ve downloaded the latest PVRTexTool command line.

As described, there are two folders PVRTexToolCL and PVRTexToolGUI. So:
-  I open the PVRTexToolCL.
- Then, it shows a dialog box about X11, which should only be shown for PVRTexToolGUI.

Is the command line tool no longer available?

Hi Jesse,

Are you getting this problem on OSX or Linux? We’ve so far been unable to replicate this issue.



It is on OS X. 

They both seem to be the same binary.

I have an old version from other source, and it’s running fine, so I don’t think it’s an OS issue.

Ok, it seems to be I’m doing something wrong. 

I re-extract the package, and it’s fine now.

Ah ok, strange. Glad you’ve sorted it out now though!