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PVRTexToolCLI (2018 Release 1) doesn't work on macOS (High Sierra)



So, this is the general syntax as used by my wrapper:

/path/to/PVRTexToolCLI -i "input_file.PVR" -o "output_file.PVR" -f PVRTC1_4,UBN,lRGB -potcanvas + -squarecanvas +

The output file is always empty (i.e., it contains only transparent pixels). Everything works fine on Windows.

Any help would be really appreciated.


Hi Luke,

Thanks for reporting this. We will have a look at reproducing it and, hopefully, fixing it. I will let you know as soon as I gather more info.




Do you need anything else from me?


Hi Luke,

I gave it a go on macOS Sierra (10.12.6) but I could replicate this issue and your command-line worked fine as far as I could tell. I cannot update our testing system to High Sierra right now, but I will try shortly. I am wondering whether this problem has to do with your input texture. Does it work if you input a png file? Could you attach a file that shows this problem?




Try with the following .PVR file


Hi Luke,

The problem is that your input format is BC1 and we do not support DXTC on Mac or Linux. This is related to the S3TC patent. This patent has expired recently and we should be able to add support for these formats, but we haven’t got around to do it.




I see, thanks for clarifying.

Do you know when you add support for these formats? Is this one of your top priorities?


Hey, Carlos.

Do you have some (good) news on that patent? I mean, it’s so annoying this tool is Windows-only…


Hi Luke,

I am sorry we haven’t looked into this yet. Sadly, other priorities have got in the way. As soon as we do this, I will let you know.