I’m using the PVRTexToolCL on a Windows machine in a C++ command line application where i generate a list of files, then call the PVRTexToolCL for each file using the system() function declared in stdlib.h. 

The problem I am having is that when I try to compress a texture and that compression fails due to something like the texture not being power of two in size, the tool crashes and brings up a windows message box alert dialog window thing and asks me if I would like to send more information to Microsoft about the problem, which requires user input to continue. This halts my application, when I want this to be an automated process. If the tool can not compress the texture, that’s okay, I just want it to try the next texture in the list. But because the error message comes up, I cannot automate this process. 

This issue does not happen when I use the following arguments:
-fPVRTC4 -pvrtcbest -m -yflip 0 -i<inputfilename> -o<outputfilename>

The issue does happen when i use the following arguments:
-fETC -q0 -yflip 0 -i<inputfilename> -o<outputfilename>

I was hoping you might have a solution for this?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi Liam,

I’ve had a look and I’ve now fixed this bug in code, but as we’re now approaching a release I’m afraid I’m not able to put out a new release to the website. If this is a major blocking issue for you, please email DevTech@imgtec.com and I should be able to provide some sort of engineering drop in the next few days once I’ve checked the stability of my fix.



You’re an absolute legend :smiley:

Okay well using a ridiculously round about process I circumvented that bug. I’m calling a batch file form my command line application that calls a perl script that calls the PVRTexToolCL :S But it works!

So no need to worry, let me know when you release a version with it fixed and I will remove my nasty code and use your awesome tool. 

Thanks heaps mate. Excellent work!

No problem! Just realised I didn’t clarify what my fix was - I’ve added NPOT support to ETC texture compression, so in future these attempts will just work. It should be noted though that NPOT ETC isn’t really supported on our hardware at the moment, so there will be a warning displayed - although there is a “silent” option to make PVRTexToolCL be quiet if you so wish.



Wow I don't know how I missed the silent tag in the docs... Too much overtime? xD
And that'll be great for us to update to your fix. 

Thanks again Tobias, you're awesome mate!