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PVRTexTool -f4444 and preview png?




Mac OS X 10.6

Using the PVRTexTool GUI and encoding to a RGBA4444 displays a lower quality but dithered texture file on the preview before exporting.

Using the PVRTexTool CL and encoding to a RGBA4444 ( and saving preview png ) displays a lower quality but without dithering.

Is there something I’m missing? I’ve tried to make sure I run the same command from the command line as the GUI but I can’t get the dithering to be applied when using the command line. Or maybe the dithering isn’t supported for the preview image?




The correct behaviour is that of the command line tool - the dithering was a research project that managed to creep into the release (:s). We may expose this as an optional feature in future releases, but it’s not supposed to be there now. This bug is already fixed, we just haven’t rolled out the new version yet.

Apologies for the confusion.


That’s unfortunate… The dithering is a really great option for the lower color formats.

Thanks for the reply though it clears the confusion most definitely and was weird behavior.


I agree - for some textures it definitely is an improvement. Hopefully I’ll be able to add dithering for the next release as well as fix the default behaviour.