PVRTexTool 'range' setting is not working correctly for signed textures

I am using PVRTexTool 5.5.0 (SDK build 23.2@f6744647926b).

When viewing an EAC RG11 SNorm Linear texture the default limits are -32768 and 32767.
If I set the view range to -1000 and 1000 color component with value -864 is very dark as expected, but
value -1089 is very high intensity (it should be black).


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This looks like a bug. Would you mind send an email to devtech.portal@imgtec.com while attaching the reference texture that results into this behaviour. We shall take a look into this.
And is this issue reproducible with older versions? Maybe that’s something you could check and use meanwhile. Previous releases can be found here.

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Thanks for the quick answer. I have sent an email with the reference texture.
I have tried 5.2.0 and it has the same issue.
I have 4.22 installed, but it seems to me that it doesn’t have this (very useful) range feature.

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