Segmentation Fault

Just ran into an issue converting some of our texture atlases to a PVRTC4 pvr file.

The command line just returns as "Segmentation Fault: 11"

The error is sporadic it happens probably 70% of the time on 3 of our files. on most of our files it doesnt happen at all though, seems like there is some pixel configuration that is causing some instability.

here is the commandline

/Users/dave/Perforce/p4bonus_1666/CrackerAss/iPhone/PocketGodUranus/…/pvrtextool/pvrtextoolcl/macos_x86/pvrtextool -fOGLPVRTC4 -iTextureAtlasPvr4.png -oTextureAtlasPvr4 -p -pvrtcbest -yflip 0

I tried to pair down some of the options to see if it had anything to do with the pvrtc quality or y flip and it seems to happen regardless.

here are two files it seems to especially have problems with.

I just confirmed that that the pvr4 image crashes not only in the mac command line, but also the gui for both mac and windows.

Hi davecazz,

This is probably the same problem that we’ve been seeing in the pvrtc library here.

If you could email I can send you an updated version of the tool.



thanks, btw one thing that would be helpful, is to be able to export a decompressed image along with the pvr in the same command line statement.

since I like to have a decompressed version so I can easily check for garbage, I end up running the pvrtextool twice for each image in my build process which performs the encoding twice and takes twice as much time.

would be awesome to include -dFileName.png and have it just save off the decompressed copy when it creates the pvr file.

Hi Dave,

Unfortunately I won’t be able to add this for our coming release, but I’ll look into adding it for a future release. This certainly makes sense as it would be useful for developers to be able to do on the fly error checking without having to call it twice, I imagine you’re not alone in doing this.

I’ve submitted a feature request into our bug tracking system under BRN35895 - this is an internal tracker, but look for this BRN in our release notes.