PVRTexToolGUI with Command Line



I have a requirement in my Application where the User requests for comparison between the Input Image and the output PVRTC Texure.


Since the PVRTexToolGUI has a nice Interface for doing the comparison, I was wondering if my Application can call the PVRTexToolGUI internally with certain CommandLine arguments (Inout Image, compression Format etc...) so that the PVRTexToolGUI does the compression and displays the Input/Output Tab window showing the difference.


Please let me know if this is already available.

If not is there a plan to release this feature in the future.


Thanks in advance.
pavanu112010-01-11 09:18:55

I have considered adding this kind of feature for my own use, but I decided to go with a compile-time solution for the functionality I needed so this isn’t available in the release version of PVRTexTool. Making the GUI controllable from the command-line has been considered in the past in order to unify the comand line application with this, but we decided not to go that way with development.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to roll your own using PVRTexLib - please ask if you have any trouble.

Thanks for you reply.


My application is in C#. Therefore there is an overhead of using PVRTexLib written in C++. This was the reason why I wanted to use a readymade tool like that of yours.


Please let me know if you can think of something that can work out of the Box.