I need create a pvr file using the PVRTexToolCL out of a cube map. However, the documentation doesn’t specify how I would pass the 6 faces to the PVRTexTool script. I’m able to do this through the GUI tool. Also, I got “An error occurred in PVRTexTool: Could not open file” when trying to use the -s parameter. The error message isn’t very descriptive and the file permissions on the file has read write execute for all groups.

Any thoughts?

Hi dev123,


Sorry that you've been having trouble with this, the error should have been more descriptive than that, how are you typing your arguments?


To create a skybox with PVRTexToolCL, the various sides all need to be named "sky1.bmp" "sky2.bmp" "sky3.bmp" etc. up to "sky6.bmp". These need to be in the same folder, and then TexToolCL needs to be pointed only at the first one.


So for example, in the example I just gave, a simple pvrtc2 skybox would be created by:


PVRTexTool.exe -isky1.bmp -s -fPVRTC2


Note that the argument order doesn't matter either, so switching the -f and -s would be just as valid for example. Hopefully this helps? If you've got any more problems with it please let me know!



Tobias2011-01-20 08:34:58

Thanks for the quick response.  This worked for me.