skybox2 example

Hey guys,

For the skybox 2 example in the advanced section is there only 1 texture for the skybox for all 6 sides of the box? As I only see 1 PVR skybox file excluding the midnight one.


they dont probably use the cube map on this one. it s described as PVRTC4 where the def is located in the doc

PVR File Format.Specification.pdf and PVR Texture Compression.Whitepaper.pdf


david g.

so is this really just 1 texture?


Hi John,

The skybox files are 6 faces in one texture file, so there are still 6 rectangles, but they are uploaded together and considered to be a single texture which is in fact a cube map. It’s essentially 6 individual compressed textures that are stored together for convenience.



In the superb PVRTEXTOOL , in the texture information Tabs , usefull information are written as well.