PVRTexTool - Command line arguments

Hi everyone,

I downloaded PVRTexTool.Reference Manual.1.15f.External.pdf and it details how to use the PVRTexTool command line but there are some details that are confusing.

On page 14, under the section “3.2 Usage”, the full command line is laid out like so:
PVRTexTool –f<format> -i<inputfilename> [-b<factor>] [-border] [-c<scalar>] [-d] [-dds] [-e] [-m] [-nt] [-h] [-help] [-l<colour>] [-nt] [-ngt] [-o] [-p] [-pvrtciterations<numberof>] [-q<level>] [-r<algorithm>] [-s(filename)] [-t1] [-t2] [-x<width>] [-y<height>] [yflip<0,1>] [-aSrcAlpha[.bmp]] [-o<outputfilename>]

The “[-nt]” is listed twice and there is one “[-o]” and one “[-o<outputfilename>]”.
Shouldn’t there only be one [-nt]?
What is the difference between the two [-o]?
Shouldn’t “[yflip<0,1>] " have a preceding hyphen like the other arguments?

The Photoshop plug-in allows for between 0 and 8 MIP-Map levels. The command line tool has a [-m] option for generating all MIP-Map levels but is there an option for only generating, for example, 3 MIP-Map levels?

On a Windows computer, when I run the following commands:
PVRTexTool -fPVRTC4 -i"hippo.png” -m -nt -pvrtciterations8 -yflip0
…I see the hippo.pvr file I was expecting. I then open that file in the PVRTexTool GUI (v3.11) and open the properties window. The properties has “Twiddled” shown in black.
Am I using the “-nt” for no Twiddle option incorrectly?

I understand there are a lot of questions in this one forum post. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Hi Joe,


For the next release I have made changes to PVRTexTool and subsequently went through the whole TexTool documentation and have already adressed these issues, they should be sorted in the next release :)


Also, the -nt option does not work with PVRTC as it must always be twiddled - it's part of the texture format. In the next version of TexTool the line you tried will generate a warning about this. Hope that helps answer your questions!




Tobias2011-03-11 10:37:15

Thanks, Tobias!

You are awesome! Smile