PVRTextoolCLI add "save as" flag

How can I “save as” compressed texture from .astc to .ktx format using PVRTextoolCLI? (Keeping the internal data, format intact)

With the GUI version, I can just open .astc file then Save as .ktx file. But I haven’t found any way to do the same thing in CLI version.

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Here’s my use case:
I need to modify some low level flag in astcenc that is not exposed through PVRTextoolCLI, so I have to compress to ASTC directly using astcenc.exe
But astcenc can only output compressed data in .astc format. I’m looking for a way to convert it to .ktx but no luck…
(Wondering how PVRTexTool solve this when compressing to ASTC)

Don’t quote me on this, but I have a feeling ASTC might only have very limited support because, allegedly, the license is very restrictive - at least that’s the opinion of https://richg42.blogspot.com/2019/10/arms-overly-restrictive-license-for-astc.html

@SimonFenney But this feature is already implemented in PVRTexToolGUI (File->Save as), it’s just not exposed in the CLI version.
The CLI version always requires format flag, but there’s no option to preserve the internal data and only change the container to KTX.
It would be greatly helpful if CLI implement this “Save as” functionality (as I haven’t found any workaround to process .astc -> .ktx ).

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Please let me know if there’s any ETA or plan to implement this feature.