Invalid dimensions selected for your chosen format.Please see -help for valid parameters.

PVRTexToolCLI -i E:\bin\res\view\atlas\public\buff_icon.png -f ASTC_6X6 -q astcveryfast -p -o E:\bin\res\view\atlas\public\buff_icon.ktx

What am I doing wrong with the following commands?

Hi simonastcask,

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I tried your PVRTexToolCLI command with a screenshot I took from my screen and it worked fine
PVRTexToolCLI -i sample.png -f ASTC_6X6 -q astcveryfast -p -o sample.ktx

Please check the path to the file you want to convert buff_icon.png and also try updating to the latest version of PVRTexTool from our Developer Portal (please note that you need to create a new account in order to access the Downloads section).

Let us know if there are any issues after those steps.

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thanks for your response,i tried that cli cant work with 128x128 size pictures,but gui tool can,ASTC_6X6…

ver2020R1 still work well but not after ver2020R1

Hi simonastcask,

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If you have an example .png picture that is not working with PVRTexToolCLI when converting it to ASTC 6x6, please attach the picture in a message. We will try to reproduce the problem and fix it.

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Hi simonastcask,

I was able to reproduce the issue you’re having, I have reported it to the Tools Team. I will inform you once it is reviewed.

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I have the same error when I compress a texture (640*662) using ver2020R2.

However it works fine in ver1.6.

Maybe the reason is ASTC encoding has been built in texlib since 2020R2?

Hi ShengyuDu,

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After discussing with the Tools Team, they have informed me that there is a fix for this issue.

We can provide you with an internal version of PVRTexTool with the issue fixed. You just need to request it through our support portal ( Also please specify the Operating System you’re using.

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Hi stephen,

Thank you very much for helping!
And I want to know whether this issue will be fixed in ver 2022R1?

Best Regrads