PVRTrace on Android Xmarin OpenTK fails

I am trying to get PVRTrace working on my Asus Memo Pad 7 which was not rooted. I was able to build and install my apk, and copy the pvrtraceconfig.json to /sdcard folder on my device. Debugging the the app shows that System.Load(“libPVRTrace.so”), etc, succeeds, and I get the following output:

[PVRTrace] Setting EglLibraryPath default to ‘/system/lib/libEGL.so’’

[PVRTrace] Setting Es1LibraryPath default to ‘/system/lib/libGLESv1.so’’

[PVRTrace] Setting EglLibraryPath default to ‘/system/lib/libGLESv2.so’’

[Mono] DllImport loaded library ‘./libEGL.os’

… and so on

The above three lines are the only indication that PVRTrace is part of my app. There are no errors; no other PVRTrace output. It is almost as if the config json file was ignored; and tracing never started.

The pvrtracconfig.json is cut-and-paste from documentation (except that I changed the path of EglLibraryPath, etc, to actual libs on the device).

Has anyone tested PVRTrace with Xamarin/OpenTK? Or am I doing something wrong?

Could you check in /data/local/tmp that a file exists named “pvrtrace_enable” which has the contents “1”?

Otherwise, send the logcat for the application loading.

I did add pvrtrace_enable to /data/local/tmp; but it made no difference.

I also tried to reply to the e-mail I received, but it bounced back with error "550 … User unknown"

Here is the logcat output (from Release build):

[monodroid-gc] GREF GC Threshold: 46800

[AndroidInfo] Load PVRTrace libraries

[PVRTrace] Setting EglLibraryPath default to ‘/system/lib/libEGL.so’.

[PVRTrace] Setting Es1LibraryPath default to ‘/system/lib/libGLESv1_CM.so’.

[PVRTrace] Setting Es2LibraryPath default to ‘/system/lib/libGLESv2.so’.

[GLView1] CreateFrameBuffer with George’s custom settings


Manufacturer= asus

Device = K007

Brand = asus

CPU = x86

CPU = armeabi-v7a

Hardware = mofd_v0

Product = WW_K007

Model = K007


Size = 1920x1004

ColorFormat = 32 (8888)

Depth = 24

Stencil = 8

Buffers = 0

OpenGL Driver Info

Vendor = Imagination Technologies

Version = OpenGL ES

Would it be possible to share the your source code privately with us?

If so, create a ticket on https://pvrsupport.imgtec.com/new-ticket and attached your files there.