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PVRTrace Renderer Failed (No current context bound)




I’m trying to run opengles2 wayland application with pvrtrace on Renesas H2 hardware.
It seems that I’m able to record data but I have problem when I try to review it with PVRTraceGUI.

It reports: Renderer has failed. Please check logs.

And here are first few lines of log:
Analyzing Image: Render Scene F(0)
Error: Skipping playback of call with UID 8 (‘glCreateShader’) as there is no current context bound
Error: Skipping playback of call with UID 9 (‘glShaderSource’) as there is no current context bound
Error: Skipping playback of call with UID 10 (‘glCompileShader’) as there is no current context bound

It says that I don’t have bound context but actually previous call before glCreateShader is eglMakeCurrent.
You can see in frame export:
eglGetDisplay(…) Error: EGL_SUCCESS
eglInitialize(…) ==> EGL_TRUE Error: EGL_SUCCESS
eglBindAPI(…) ==> EGL_TRUE Error: EGL_SUCCESS
eglChooseConfig(…) ==> EGL_TRUE Error: EGL_SUCCESS
eglCreateContext(…) ==> EGLContext(0x0002f810) Error: EGL_SUCCESS
eglCreateWindowSurface(…) ==> EGLSurface(0x00047428) Error: EGL_SUCCESS
eglMakeCurrent(EGLDisplay(0x00000001),EGLSurface(0x00047428),EGLSurface(0x00047428),EGLContext(0x0002f810)) ==> EGL_TRUE Error: EGL_SUCCESS
glCreateShader(…) ==> 70001 Error: GL_NO_ERROR

Has anyone an idea what is wrong?
I also have a problem that Object Data Viewer doesn’t show anything but I suppose that this is because Renderer has failed.



Could you attach the trace file? If it contains confidential information you can attach it to a new ticket on our support portal and link back to this forum thread



I’m attaching the trace file.
Application is simple-egl demo from weston repository.

Something I forgot to mention is:
I use PowerVR SDK 3.5 and Windows_x86_64/PVRTraceGUI.exe



It seems to be fine for me. Image analysis renders a spinning coloured triangle, is this correct?

What GPU and driver is installed on the machine you are viewing PVRTraceGUI on?



Thanks for the information. GPU is NVIDIA Quadro K1000M (its a notebook).
Driver version is: from 7/11/2012.
I will try to run the same thing on other machine.



Hello again,

I tried it on one colleague’s PC with NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and result was the same.
Are there any software/hardware requirements about system where PVRTraceGUI will work properly?
DirectX, VisualStudio, Windows version etc?



PVRTraceGUI should work with any GPU and driver that fully supports ES 3.0.

Could you try running the PVRVFrameGUI, and selecting Edit -> Preferences -> Context creation mode = Loose



Thanks for the help. I finally got it working by updating my GPU driver to the latest version.
Just for information:
I realized that also SDK demos were not working on this PC. With Context creation mode = Loose the code was not crashing in eglCreateContext but it was crashing in eglMakeCurrent few calls later.