PVRTraceApp.apk Not Found in SDK3.3


I have downloaded PowerVRSDKSetup-3.3.run-x64 to download the PVRTrace files

But unfortunately PVRTrace.app is not found as mentioned in PVRTrace.User Manual.pdf

2.3.4. Android

Using PVRTraceSetup

The PVRTraceSetup APK can be found in the following folder:


Can you please help from where I can get the app ?



Hi Sankha,

Sorry to hear you’ve hit this issue. Which version of the User Manual were you referring to?

There’s a known issue where our online documentation doesn’t match that in our latest SDK download. We should be able to rectify this issue soon.

In the latest SDK, PVRTrace recording is done on Android devices using PVRHub (an improved version of PVRTraceApp that was in our previous releases).

Unfortunately, we’ve also increased our Android minimum requirement to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0).



Hello Joe,

Details of the manual as follows:


User Manual

Filename : PVRTrace.User Manual.1.0.12.External.doc

Version : 1.0.12 External Issue (Package: POWERVR SDK REL_3.0@2149525)

Issue Date : 13 Sep 2012

Author : Imagination Technologies Ltd

However I am referring to PVRHub manual (details given below) and started the PVRHubDaemon as you had mentioned in the below thread.


Filename : PVRHub.User Manual

Version : PowerVR SDK REL_3.3@2810346a External Issue

Issue Date : 05 Mar 2014

Author : Imagination Technologies Limited

But after it has started the system became unresponsive.

I am using Pandaboard with Kitkat OS 4.4.2.

Please help !!



Hi Sankha,

Can you share the logcat output with us? We’ve not encountered any issues with PVRHub on KitKat yet. It’s possible that the KitKat file system on the Pandaboard is set up differently than our tool expects.

You can use the PVRHubDaemon system recovery tool to revert the state of your development board. The instructions for this can be found in Appendix A of the PVRHub User Manual.



Hello Joe,

Thanks for the guidance.

However, on uninstalling PVRhub app the resolves the problem.