PVRTune - for riscv platform

Currently, we have RISCV platform target , which supports GPU PowerVR GE8300. Tool “PVRTune” Link provided in the download section is for x86. can we get support for tools on RISCV platform.


Although the download says “x86” that is for the client tool. The servers are included in the package, and they are for all embedded platforms we support including Risc-V.

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U mean to say same package downloaded “PVRTuneDeveloperSetup-2022_R1.run-x64” can be used to run on RISC-V platform directly?

From “Downloads - Imagination Developers” we downloaded “PVRTune” from the download section.
After installing the downloaed on my x86 sustem, iw as able to find executable “PVRPerfServerDeveloper” for riscv paltform in the following path
“Imagination Technologies/PowerVR_Graphics/PowerVR_Tools/PVRTuneDeveloper/PVRPerfServer/Linux_riscv_64”.

As mentioned in the “PVRTune User Manual” PVRPerfServer should be run on target device.
when we try to run the executable “PVRPerfServerDeveloper”, we found the below error.

root@SOC:~# ./PVRPerfServerDeveloper
./PVRPerfServerDeveloper: error while loading shared libraries: libssp.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

how can resolve the issue?