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PVRTune on iOS devices




PVRTune is currently not available on iOS. Is there any roadmap to make this happen in the future? Or is it not possible due to platform restrictions?

Similarly, I saw a talk from Unite 2011 outlining plans to make some of the PVRTune profiling data available from with Unity 3d. Has there been any update on this?




There are no plans to support PVRTune on iOS. Because of this, the best option on iOS is to use Apple’s own profiling tools in XCode.

We can’t comment on Unity’s roadmap. You would have to contact them for more information on when this may happen. If you would like to see the feature in a future version of Unity, I would suggest using Unity’s feedback system to request PVRScope support in their profiling tools.




That's a big flaw, that PVRPerfServer is not available for ios platform.

I would vote for this feature, if I was able to.

WBR, lostman.



Unfortunately, it will not work on iOS as Apple do not expose the necessary hooks in the graphics driver for PVRPerfServer to read the hardware counter values. Similarly, we are not able to supply PVRScope for iOS as it relies on the same driver interface as PVRPerfServer. Enabling this interface is a customer specific decision that we have no control over.



Thanks Joe