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SGXPerfServer / PVRTune pair do not match




I have a version of SGXPerfServer compiled and running on a device, however, I do not have the matching PVRTune application to run on my host PC. Is it possible to somehow get a version of PVRTune which matches :
SGXPerfServer v1.79.1 - Build (PVRScope v1.36.1)

The public version of PVRTune I downloaded doesn’t match the SGXPerfServer on the device, so they won’t connect.

Dan Hadi



Does this mean you (somehow) got a drop of the SGXPerfServer code and compiled the application yourself? Is the OS you’re targeting not supported in our current public PVRTune release? Btw, if you’re targeting an OS that we don’t support publicly, please don’t mention it here.

The communication protocol has changed between some revisions of PVRTune, so it not being able to connect makes sense.

If you are working with a version of PVRTune that does not match our public release, then we cannot discuss this with you on the forum (the older versions of PVRTune are only distributed under NDA). Please send an email to for further support.