PVRTune on Omap Zoom



I'm trying to use PVRTune on Omap Zoom hardware.  However, when I run the sgx_perf_server binary I get the following error:


SGXPerfServer v1.1
Press q to quit.
Failed to retrieve performance counter information.

Unfortunately the documentation is a little scant (I guess it's just meant to work ;) so I don't know what to do from here.  Do I need a special kernel module or any other special configuration?





Hi Aaron,


You need the latest version of of the PVRPerfServer in our SDK 2.3. Also you will need very up-to-date OGLES2.0 drivers to be able to run it. Please, ask TI to know when drivers with this functionality will be available.





Hi Aaron,

That error most likely means that you have not yet ran the command to “Load PowerVR consumer services”. That must be done before running any 3D apps or SGXPerfServer.

Does that help?