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PVR Tune issue





I am trying to enable PVR Tune on my test system which has got SGX534 core, which is having WinXP. As per the manual I should run SGXPerfServer on my system and PVRTune on other system. But on running SGXPerfServer its throwing following error:


SGXPerfServer v1.1
Press q to quit.
Failed to initialise services connection.


By checking its dependencies it seems like to be doing IOCTL calls. Does it require some other driver? Does it need some support calls from the WinXP Graphics driver installed on test system? By the way, manual also seems to be mentioning some app Init.exe that should be run along with SGXPerfServer.exe but I didnt find any such app with the tool kit. What's this Init.exe does and is it required?






I suppose you are refering to an Intel Poulsbo platform. If so, Intel has disabled all support for HW counters in the drivers.


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