PVRVFrame 2019 SDK performance worse than with 2018 SDKs


with the SDK 2019R1 and 2019R1.1 the performance of the PVRVFrame (Windows 10 Enterprise x86-64) is severely affected especially when using shadow textures and in general even when rendering quite simple stuff (2D UI).

I noticed increased command processing times (by a factor of 2) and noticeable frame drops when turning this effect (shadow mapping) on/off in our app.

For comparison I also exchanged the DLLs with the older ones from SDK 2018R2 and the performance is back to normal, so OS or driver issues can be ruled out (NVDA Quadro P6000).

Searching through the changelogs for the SDK I didn’t find any relevant changes.

Is this a known issue?

Kind regards,

Hi Vasco,

We are surprised about this slowdown you mention. There is no change in the code that might explain it and our testing has not shown any degradation in performance. When you say shadow textures you mean sampler2DShadow, don’t you? Could be possible to send us a replication case or maybe a trace of it?
You can use our private ticketing system to send it to us if you prefer.

Best regards.