PVRVFrame messing with stdout?


I’m using the OpenGL ES Emulation from inside a Java VM (attached via JNI) on Windows 32 and 64 Bit.
GL-wise everything works well, but all console output (stdout) stops after the message

(Info) Hardware profile: None
(Info) PVRVFrame version 9.6

is printed.

This includes output from Java via System.out.println() as well as printf()s from within native (C++) JNI code.

Does PVRVFrame do anything special with the stdin/stdout/stderr handles?

This behavior was observed in PVRVFrame version from SDK 3.2-4.0.

Kind regards,
Vasco Steinmetz

Hi Vasco,

PVRVFrame used to redirect these handles back in SDK 3.2, but this was fixed in 3.3 and now the standard streams shouldn’t be messed with at all. Are you definitely using the very latest version of PVRVFrame? The latest release should output ‘(Info) PVRVFrame version 10.2’ at startup.

Hi Chris,

thanks for pointing that out. Looks like I compiled against the new SDK but used the older shared libraries. Doh! >_<
Using the right libraries finally solved that problem.

The last PVRVFrame didn’t work here because of the nonstandard GL_VERSION string. That’s also fixed now.

Thanks for the help!

Kind regards,