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qt 4.8.2 qpa black screen



I’m trying to render some simple qt application, that uses QGraphicsView with

QGLWidget as a viewport ( slightly modified collidingmice ) on armv7 embedded platform

( beagleboard ). Starting application like this:<div =“post-text” itemprop=“deion”>

collidingmice -platform eglfs

But screen is always remains dark. ( textures example is working fine ). I nead to somehow intialize eglNativeWindow in EglFs platform code. How can i do that? Thanks in Advance.


Hi warzon,

I’m afraid that none of us here are really familiar with eglfs. However I did find the following post ( that suggests you use the function “SimpleGLScreen::defaultRootWindowHandle()” to get a native window handle. I hope that at least helps a little? Sorry I can’t be of more help!