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QT + sgx 540


We are trying to run Qt based sample apps on cortex a9 system with sgx540

We are using Qt 4.7.2 with,

1. Qt plug-in for powervr
2. Qt Window system

When we run sample applications like:

moveblocks -qws -display powervr....the application seems to be running but there is no output.

We confirmed that the program is running normally by using strace  command.

when moveblocks -qws is run with linuxfb(i.e without powervr) output is seen.

When we run opengles v2 based examples like hello_gles2 crashes with segmentation fault

without returning any errors.

We would like to know if some additional configurations need to be done for qt to work properly

with qt window system and qt powervr plugin on sgx540.

Thank u.