QT 4.5 embedded on Linux desktop

I am trying to do embedded QT development on Linux desktop. I was wondering if someone could shed some light on the status of it. I am particularly interested in using OpenGL ES 2.0 .

After following all the instructions mentioned in QT readme and also some tips on the forums, I downloaded the PowerVR LinuxPC emulation SDK. I am able to run their samples.

I do run into problems when trying to run QT opengl ES sample hellogl_es2. I realized that the PowerVR plugin needs a library called libpvr2d.so. I do not find much information about it if I google for it. It seems like it was part of the Kyro packages that are not supported on Linux anymore after kernel 2.4

My question in that case is does QT embedded with opengl es 2 even run on Linux desktop? If so do I need that library and if I do where do I get it? If not how do I get it to run on desktop so that I can continue my development?

Thank you.