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quarternion interpolation


Dear Team

as you are revamping your API, it will be very interesting to add on top of all euler transformation to quarternion ,some more easy to use SLERP,or Linear one functions to manipulate POD animation and being able to interpolate from keyframe to an another one by a custom way :slight_smile:

in the extra package , you had in the previous release, the TIMECONTROLLER that was very handy, it was easy to control the speed of an animation and more…

i hope you will find this comment usefull as blending of animation is a very common way in gaming

the tools api is really great !

david Guimard


Hi Dgu,

Thanks for your input! We’re looking to make our Tools as usable as possible, so we’ll try to address these issues. We have already set ourselves a large number of goals so I can’t guarantee that all of these features will be added, at least not in the beginning, but we will keep any eye on things and make sure that our tools are flexible enough to at least enable this kind of functionality.