Dear Team

pfAnimRotation is what should be use


there is alot of interesting code in the PVRTModelPOD as well

pfAnimRotation that return the quaternion directly , but it wasnt documented very well even if it is obvious , but in the rush i didnt see it…

Hi David,

Soo… you figured this out right? I’d probably have left it unedited so others can see your workings, but it’s all fine :slight_smile:

I’ve marked your post as answered, let me know if that wasn’t correct!



Yes sure i found the solution in code after having reimplemented…everything is working now super great

Ok good to hear! I wouldn’t call your confusion unjustified either - this is really a documentation and structure issue, so we’ll bear this in mind for further development.

If ever you have any issues where it took you a while to figure out and eventually got it, please feel free to still post on the forum, as it helps us see where the gaps are, and also might help another developer in a similar situation later.

Yes , i will make sure to post it , let s improve it . =D>