SDK 2.7 and Windows 7

I am unable to successfully run any custom compiled demo/example ( or my own for that matter ) binaries with the latest PVRVFrame running on Windows 7.

In other words, any project included with the SDK compiled with VC++ 2008, hangs up during crt library startup and just idly spins the CPU.

The binaries provided with SDK run just fine, it is just when compiled locally , nothing works on Windows 7 - I can make them work if I mark the resulting executable as running in “Windows XP” compatibility mode so there is something going on in relation to Windows 7.

If I attempt to run them with <2.05 version of the PVRVFrame dlls - they mostly run fine ( there are some issues with some dll entry points not being exported but they do run as opposed to hanging during startup)

Is this a known issue ?



A lot of us run Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit) in the office and haven’t found this problem. I also grabbed the SDK off the website and tried building and running with this and didn’t have issue.

Can you provide more details of the system that you’re running on?

Actually, it is on two separate systems ( my laptop and my desktop machine) … anyway, if you say things should work just fine then there is no problem, I will investigate what the heck is going on with my machines ( perhaps having a few versions of SDKs installed at the same time)


What acceleration do you have on these systems? Are the drivers up to date?

I’ve filed an issue in our system: BRN32025 and the engineer who works on PVRVFrame will investigate it shortly.

We’ve still not seen this problem as you describe it, but we did fix what might be the cause of it in our 2.8 release while fixing another bug.

You can try this release now or did you resolve the problems yourself?

I did try it and it worked just fine.

Both of my systems were running ATI GPU so this was clearly related to the driver issue.