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How can I get 64bit build of pc emulation sdk




Can I find a 64bit build for linux somewhere?




I’m afraid we currently don’t provide a 64-bit version of the PVRVFrame application.


Is that still the case?

Does it means I cannot use PVRFrame on a Windows 7 64-bit installation or would I still be able to get the 32-bit version running there?


In our latest release, we added a 64 bit version of PVRVFrame for Linux. This is because the 32 bit version will not run on a 64 bit Linux OS.

We haven’t added a 64 bit PVRVFrame for Windows and Mac yet as both of these OS’s can run 32 bit applications on a 64 bit OS. As long as your graphics cards meets the minimum specs discussed in the PVRVFrame manual, the 32 bit Windows PVRFrame that is in our SDK will work with your Windows 7 64 bit machine :slight_smile:


Fantastic, I’ll go forward with my OS upgrade then! Thanks for your answer.