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SDK 3.3: Print3D uniform location bug


This discussion was created from comments split from: PowerVR Graphics SDK v3.3 is live!.


I noticed a potentially serious bug in the Print3DAPI class. The uniform locations for the font and logo are swapped. The code works anyway only because these values just happen to be the same.

At line 418 in: SDK_3.3ToolsOGLES2PVRTPrint3DAPI.cpp:

Data.mvpLocationLogo = glGetUniformLocation(Data.uProgramFont, “myMVPMatrix”);

Data.mvpLocationFont = glGetUniformLocation(Data.uProgramLogo, “myMVPMatrix”);

Regards, Clay


Hi Clay,

Thanks for reporting the issue. I’ve filed it as BRN48345 in our internal tracker.

In the future, I would recommend using our external bug/feedback tracking system, as it makes it easier for other developers to see active bug reports and their status: