SDK installer overwrites previous version's uninstaller. How to cleanup Windows?

The SDK installer for Windows (I’m on Windows 10) overwrites PowerVR_Graphics/UninstallSDK.exe with the uninstaller for the version it is installing. This orphans earlier versions and leaves you with no way to uninstall them. I have versions 3.5, 4.0 and 2016 R1.1 and now 2017_R1. If I try to uninstall any of these from the list in the Windows Control Panel Applications section, the 2017_R1 uninstaller is run, removing 2017_R1.

I resorted to dragging the old files to the trash to free up the space but I’m left with the older versions still listed in the Windows control panel. How can I get rid of this wreckage?

As well as answering my question, please file an internal issue ticket and make sure this serious bug gets fixed.

Hi Mark,

We are sorry about this problem. I have file issue #65725 so we will have at look at solving it.
If you want to clean-up your Add/Remove Programs list, you will need to edit the Windows Registry. Go to
Export this folder just in case something goes wrong and you want to undo (just right click on it).
You will see listed in that location all the old and new PowerVR SDK versions. You can delete the old ones and they will not show anymore in the Add/Remove Programs list.



I successfully removed the old versions from Add/Remove Programs. Thanks for the instructions.